KELTY Greening Group got the kettle on and biscuits out for volunteers who helped the village achieve 'Gold' standard.

The local initiative has been running for around four years and is a sub-group of the community council.

It has helped keep Kelty clean, tidy and easy on the eye, and their efforts have been recognised at a recent awards ceremony.

The village received a gold medal at this year's Beautiful Fife Awards, much to the delight of the group's members and volunteers.

Betty Rhodden, convenor, said: "We sent thank you cards and put on teas and coffees for all the volunteers that have helped us look after the village. "They're very happy to do it. They've added extra touches to the place and maintained planters, tubs and more.

"We wanted to say thank you to them for doing that.

"I'm very pleased for the village that it's received this award.

"It's amazing what people have come up with. They've found ways of bringing up Kelty's heritage and informing children of the history of the village. It's important to keep it alive."