A NEW “Boxing Club”, in Cowdenbeath, with the emphasis on 'investing in youth' and on training, fitness and wellbeing, opened its doors on Sunday.

“Beath Boxing Club” is based at 411 High Street, near the Fountain roundabout, right across from Brunton House.

This club will be a “not for profit” venture with all proceeds re-invested in the club for the further improvement and for the benefit of those who will attend and use these facilities.

Local councillor Alex Campbell, himself a former amateur boxer, officially opened the boxing club on Sunday and was delighted to meet the committee and some of the young people who will be using the gym.

He said: "I was delighted to have the privilege of opening the Beath Boxing Club and seeing the excellent facilities they are to provide.

"It was very well attended both by young and senior boxers and also several young girls and it was great to see such a large turn out at the club.

"They have a programme which runs all week with different age groups involved and it is great for me to see young kids with another place to go to get the chance to improve their physical fitness and learn how to box."

Club chairman, Gordon Greig, said: "This new venture has been described by the organising committee as being, 'formed by residents in the Community and is for the Community' and we are looking forward to welcoming further community involvement and support.

"The prime objective of the club is to to “Invest in the youth" within the Cowdenbeath community and surrounding area. To give access to these facilities at a reasonable cost, especially to young people, with somewhere a little different to go and to hopefully give them a focus for the future, to assist with and raise awareness of their own natural skills."

The committee is committed to offering participants an interest, that will occupy their time usefully, teach them life skills, how to take care of their health by instilling a sense of well being, along with discipline and a respect for all. The club will be open Monday to Friday with classes held between 6 p.m. and 8.30 p.m. Training and classes will commence on Monday October 14 and will be available for both male and females, from four years of age.

The organisers of the club have applied for and been awarded “affiliation” to the governing body “Boxing Scotland” and are proud to report that there will be experienced coaches, including former Eastern District Champions and Internationalists, assisting at the club at various times.

The committee are grateful for the support and funding for this venture, received from Stephens Foundation, Fife Council and The Coaledge Tavern Thursday Night Quizzers and for the advice, encouragement and assistance given by friends and family.

Further information on all aspects of the Gym, can be found by checking out Beathboxing Facebook page or send an email to: beathboxing@gmail.com