KINGDOM Housing Association, in conjunction with Campion Homes, are to hold a second public consultation on controversial plans for a housing development in the Woodend area of Cardenden this coming Thursday October 17 in Bowhill Centre.

The proposed site and adjoining road are low lying and prone to surface water flooding from surrounding fields, as shown on the attached photograph, taken after the heavy rain in August. The proposal is for 48 homes to be constructed.

Cardenden Community Council are of the opinion that the water problems experienced on the area of land make it unsuitable for housing.

Secretary David Taylor said this week that not only will the water potentially affect the proposed houses, but also the existing houses at Woodend, as it is intended to divert the excess water into an existing ditch and burn behind these houses.

He went on: "This area is also prone to flooding and, in the past, blockages in the burn have caused damage to property. Fife Council have had to dredge the burn and have accepted responsibility for it".

The original planning application for this 48 house development was withdrawn because of the amount of water involved. The developers now propose to greatly extend and re-landscape the site to ensure the water flows into a large artificial pond, before it is released into the burn.

However, Mr Taylors added: "This site is outwith the village boundary and not allocated for development on the local plan. "A social housing development is already underway in the area, with a further development approved. Several other sites, within the community, are also allocated for housing and these should be developed first, before sites in the countryside are considered.

"Other factors which will need to be taken into consideration are the additional traffic which will be generated and the additional education and doctors’ services which will be required.

"It is accepted that more social housing is required in Fife, but this site is totally unsuitable because of the flooding. However, it is the developers intention to submit a new planning application in November".

The community council are urging villagers to go the consultation event on Thursday at Bowhill Centre and view what is planned.