AFTER various concerns being raised by people about their experiences at Beath Cemetery a new group has been formed to work towards helping things improve.

Conservative Councillor for Cowdenbeath, Darren Watt, and several residents met with staff from the Co-op Funeralcare at their office on High Street to discuss working collectively to improve the visitor experience at Beath Cemetery.

Councillor Watt said: “As many locals and visitors to Beath Cemetery will know, I have been working exhaustively with Fife Council Officers and staff over the last year in an effort to improve the general maintenance standards in and around the Cemetery grounds.

"We’ve recently made great progress, and this is because of the resilience and support of many determined individuals in our community.

"I was delighted to receive a message of support from Debbie Beveridge, funeral arranger from the Co-op and it has now been agreed to set up a working group who will help enhance the cemetery grounds with litter picks, minor maintenance work and generally offering Fife Council staff guidance and support.”

Local resident, Margaret Davidson said: “As a regular visitor to the graveyard, I have been very upset with the poor standards.

"It isn’t right grieving people like me have to see overgrown grass, knee-high weeds and overflowing bins. We just want somewhere peaceful to stop and think about our lost loved ones without additional stresses or worries.

"I’m really pleased to see some improvements have recently been made and I hope with the support of a dedicated group, these improvements will continue.”

A similar situation was found by Kirsty Fyfe who told the Times: "My grandfather is buried in Beath Cemetery but I have been unhappy at what I have found when visiting his grave.

"This has been a worry for myself for just over a year.

“I attended a meeting a few weeks ago that Councillor Darren Watt arranged with a manager of Bereavement Services but it did little to help me.

“I understand the council are having make cut-backs and that workforce has had to be reduced but the maintenance of the Beath Cemetery is not good enough." Kirsty was upset by general untidiness and also damage to items placed at the graveside.

Councillor Watt concluded; “I’m very grateful to all the staff at the Co-op for their assistance and I must thank Margaret Davidson, Jackie Easton and Bathgate for their ongoing guidance and support.

"With the additional support from this group, I’m incredibly positive and I’m looking forward to working alongside everyone at the group's first action day in a couple of weeks.”

The group will be meeting at Beath Cemetery on Sunday October 20 at 1:30pm. They will be carrying out a cemetery wide litter pick and generally tidying up.

Everyone is welcome and are advised to dress appropriately. If you’d like to know more details, please contact Councillor Darren Watt directly: or 07872 418 25.