THE congregation of a Lochgelly church have been shocked by the level of vandalism that has been aimed at their property.

This week the Parish Secretary of St Patrick's Church, in Station Road, said that the actions of the unwanted visitors have involved setting fire to wheelie bins and windows broken.

Janice Murphy said this week: "We would like to ask the people of Lochgelly to be vigilant when passing St Patrick’s Church, on Station Road.

"We have recently experienced an upsurge of vandalism to our property. We have had flowerpots overturned and smashed, our stained glass windows have been broken and our refuse bins scattered and set ablaze.

"These acts of vandalism have caused great distress among our congregation and we would ask that the public be vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the police. Please do not turn a blind eye; we could have another Woodmill High School situation if ignored".

Janice added: "We are one of the last few churches remaining in our town, built by the hard work and sacrifice of past generations and we hope to be here for generations to come.

"Sadly over the past couple of years, hooligans, who seem intent on this mindless destruction have targeted us.

"Our town has reached an all time low, when places of worship are being vandalised. Our tradition of receiving the remains of loved ones into our church to rest overnight before their funeral has ceased causing a great deal of pain to bereaved families.

"Our insurance premiums have already increased, but we are a charity and our income depends on the generosity of those who attend our services. "We now will have to consider upgrading our security and closing accessibility to our grounds, all at the expense of our congregation.

"Again, I urge people please, if you see anything suspicious, contact the police immediately."