A BALLINGRY man who ran from police because he didn't want to be disturbed from going to get a prescription has appeared in Court.

Scott Paterson had already fallen out with his partner then ran when he spotted police officers who wanted to speak to him.

Appearing at Dunfermline Sheriff Court, on Wednesday, Paterson, 33, of Ballingry Road, had previously admitted that on September 10 at Stenhouse Street, in Cowdenbeath, he resisted four police officers in execution of their duty when he struggled violently with them, flailed his arms and legs, kicked the door of a police van and refused to desist.

He also assaulted a police officer by pushing him to the chest and scratching him on the body to his injury and, at Stenhouse Street and during the course of a journey to Dunfermline Police Station, behaved in a threatening or abusive manner by shouting, swearing and uttering offensive comments.

Depute fiscal, Azrah Yousaf, said the incident took place at around 11.30am.

"Police officers had attended at a shop and at that point, were given some information which led them to look for a person fitting the description of the accused," she told the Court. "They were driving along Cowdenbeath High Street and came across the accused and turned the van to go and speak to him."

Paterson ran off but was later found hiding behind a bin in a nearby garden. When police approached him, he pushed them away and began to square up with them.

During the ensuing struggle, he grabbed the neck of one officer, kicked out with his legs and made abusive remarks.

Solicitor, Alexander Flett, said his client was "not having a great start to the day" as he had fallen out with his partner and was suffering from withdrawal symptoms and he was on his way to get a prescription.

"With his history, he doesn't get the benefit of the doubt from the police and this was likely to be something that would end up interfering with what he was trying to do which was get his prescription sorted out.

"He accepts he shouldn't have behaved as he should. He has been in a revolving door of getting into custody, being released without support and getting back into custody again."

Sheriff Charles Macnair deferred sentencing for two weeks until October 16 so that a restriction of liberty order assessment can be carried out.