THE science department at Beath High School were proud to host Dave Parnham, to examine the issue of animal testing, before half term.

Pupils were very interested to be able to hear his talk, Understanding Animal Research, on the field of animal testing in medical research.

This looked to give an insider insight into this controversial topic, along with stories of Dave’s own experience within the industry.

Higher Human and Advanced Higher Biology pupils were able to get involved in the debate and discussion on the subject, and create links to relevant points within the curriculum.

Pupils were also able to put forward their own opinions, as well as gain an understanding of the complex laws and processes involved, and of all the medical advancements that would not be possible without animal testing.

Dave was also able to give personal testament to the love and care given to the animals involved, and of the work carried out by researchers which he feels is beyond repute.

Said a member of the science department: "Overall, an interesting look into an important, and often polarising, area of science that affects every human on the planet.