OVER 15,000 households in the Cowdenbeath constituency have smart energy meters.

And local MSP, Annabelle Ewing, has welcomed the new figures released by Smart Energy GB which reveal that her constituencies is amongst those leading the way in Scotland.

With over 850,000 households across Scotland now having a smart meter, and 15,408 of them in the Cowdenbeath constituency, Ms Ewing joined Smart Energy GB at the Scottish Parliament to celebrate their constituency milestones.

The latest independent research from Populus shows that 73 percent of households with a smart meter are taking more energy saving measures, and 80 percent say they have a better idea of their energy costs.

Smart meters are helping households throughout Fife monitor the energy that they are using and reduce their energy use around the home. Getting a smart meter is one important way that you can help Scotland respond to the climate emergency, as it helps the country upgrade to a modern and greener energy system.

Using less energy at home is a key factor in tackling climate change and the evidence shows that smart meter owners are able to find more ways to save energy.

Ms Ewing said: “Smart meters can be an excellent tool to help householders with better budgeting and more efficient energy use.

"I would recommend to anyone who hasn’t yet done so, that they investigate what their provider has on offer and consider whether it might be suitable for them.”

Iagan MacNeil, Smart Energy GB, Scotland said: “It’s great to see that residents of Fife are some of the most enthusiastic for smart meters.

The rollout is making good progress in Scotland and the benefits of a smarter energy system are already beginning to be seen.

“We want every household in Scotland to feel more in control of their energy usage and spend with a smart meter, so request your upgrade today.”