VANDALISM in the Cowdenbeath Community Woodland is set to see many of the trees in this town beauty spot die.

Cowdenbeath Environment Group members were shocked to find dozens of empty bottles and cans, plus wheelie bins damaged by fire, but also trees severely scorched by the setting ablaze of the bins that the perpetrators had stolen from nearby homes.

The Environment Group had hoped that the vandals’ fixation with stealing bins and setting them alight had evaporated, but alas no.

Said a member of the Group, who was really disappointed with the find in the town’s Community Woodland, off the Cowdenbeath to Crossgates road: “I was over at the Woodland and found loads of alcohol bottles and small empty satchels. God only knows what was in them.

“Also there were the remains of another two wheelie bins.

“That's well over 100 wheelie bins in the last 18 months that have been set on fire and ruined in the Woodland.

“I am not sure of what the value of a bin is, but we think it is between £40 and £50. Well multiply that by 100 and that's several thousand pounds.”

The member added: “You get the impression that nobody seems that much bothered, but it's vandalism, not discounting all the scorched trees in the woodlands. These trees will die.

“And to add that the Enviro Group, and volunteers who assist us, have to go in there and clean up the mess.

“We often wonder, do parents know what their teenagers get up to at the weekend? They must come home filthy and smelling of smoke.

“When you add to that the continuous visits by motorbikes and quads leading to the destruction of the paths, then it is a sad tale.”

The Community Woodland has been looked after by the Enviro Group for years now, not Fife Council.

The exasperated Group Member added: “It's a beautiful place to visit especially in the summer, if only for a walk or with the kids or the dog .

“Visitors don't want to be confronted by all the nonsense that goes on. We even received an award this year for all the good work that is going on in making the facility look even better.

“As they say, enjoy don't destroy! Also can we ask the public keep an eye on their wheelie bin and if possible only put it out in the morning. And if it does get stolen report it to the Police on 101, as well as the council”.