SOME 15 pupils and their family members joined together at Beath High School early on a Friday morning to celebrate the success of their achievements and attitudes towards PE and extra-curricular activities.

The Physical Education Department, Active Schools and wider school staff have been working hard over the past year to formalise the school's #teamBeath ethos and values which surround the PE Department.

These 15 pupils have been selected for showing outstanding commitment towards the extra-curricular provision that the school values so highly and for their consistently positive attitudes in PE.

Said one member of staff: "We felt it necessary to celebrate their selection with family and friends along with tea, coffee and some breakfast rolls whilst touring the facilities to see their images next to one of our #teamBeath ethos values.

"This is just part of a phased approach to bringing the ethos to life and by celebrating a soft launch with pupils and family members we were able to gain some feedback on our values.

"The acronym is BEATH standing for; Belonging, Experiences, Aspirations, Teamwork & Honesty. These are the values through pupils' consultation we have identified as having the most relevance to the ethos".

Some 400 pupils engaged in extra-curricular or competitive school sport last year taking part in excess of 500 activity sessions delivered by volunteers, senior pupils, clubs and teachers.

The school hope that in installing this ethos they can encourage more young people to take part and lead an active lifestyle whilst at school. Giving the pupils the opportunities and experiences to be part of #teamBeath allows them to create a sense of pride and belonging to the school which they hope can be carried into adulthood.