2020 will see a rebirth of Bowhill Highland Games.

This morning Councillor Linda Erskine, chair of Cowdenbeath Area Committee, revealed on her Facebook page: "I am excited to announce, after a break of over 66 years, there will be a Bowhill Highland Games on May 17 2020.

"Many thanks to the fabulous team of Don and Margaret Campbell who convinced me that this was well worth pursuing.

"The personal story behind the wish to make this happen is beautiful. I organised a group of business people and local community activists and they wholeheartedly agreed we will make this happen.

"Now the hard work begins, fundraising, planning and delivering. Thank you to our local groups and our local businesses who have signed up to support. Interested, contact me. As they say, Build it and they will come."

Lochgelly man Don, the man who is the top Highland Games handicapper in Scotland told the Times: "This is a really exciting project as the Bowhill Games were last held in 1952.

"Wallsgreen Park will be the venue and I have had a look at it and it will be perfect for the running events, heavies and everything else that a Highland Games has."