TRINITY Church was a blaze of colour once again at the 64th annual flower show of Cowdenbeath Horticultural society.

With the wet and varied summer making many flowers and vegetables earlier than usual society chairman Colin Bird told our reporter he was concerned that most exhibitors would not have much exhibits left for the show.

Colin was delighted to be wrong as all sections were very strong and there were not many empty bench spaces.

Said the chairman: "The only areas low were the Children’s, the Craft and Produce section.

"So if you can bake or knit or make a craft item please get in touch and bring it along to next year’s show.

"Six out of the eight local primary schools had entered and had beautiful entries covering this year’s theme “Scotland”.

"All six local nurseries took part and again captured the theme and two of the church groups also entered. It is hoped that the two remaining schools will come on board next to enhance the stage area off our show".

He added: "Our now annual Charity Knit produced an amazing total of over 360 items to be distributed various charities and the Twiddle muffs proved to be very popular with all our visitors. So a big thanks to all knitters."

The Society would also like to thank all exhibitors, helpers Sponsors and Thistle Medical and Training Services for the first aid cover, Cowdenbeath Civic Week for their continued support and everyone who attended the show over the weekend, and a big thanks to all at the Trinity Church for their support and assistance during the year as well as the show.

The society are actively looking for new members to come on board. So anyone interested in keeping Cowdenbeath Flower Show going should get in Touch with Colin Bird or Cowdenbeath Horticultural Society on Facebook or go along to the AGM on Friday January 31 2020.

Vegetable Section results were, Collection of Vegetables, 4 kinds, 1 Len Wright, Burntisland. 2 Pot or Blanch Leeks, Pot Leeks blanch, not to exceed 6" to the button 1 Len Wright. 2 Parsnips 1 Ian Simpson, Kinghorn. 1 Cauliflower 1 Len Wright. 3 Onions Flat or Round bottom, (Grown from sets) 1 Stephanie Little; 2 Colin Beavis; 3 Bill Duff, Balmullo. 3 Onions (red) 1 Bill Duff; 2 Len Wright. 3 Onions from seed 1 George Page, Cowdenbeath; 2 Steven Craig, Cowdenbeath. 5 Shallots (red) 1 Alistair Low, Kinghorn; 2 Stephanie Little, Kinghorn; 3 Colin Beavis, Kirkcaldy. 3 Carrots, (Stump) 1 Len Wright; 2 Ian Simpson; 3 Ingrid Grant, Cowdenbeath. 3 Beetroot, (Globe) 1 Stephanie Little; 2 Len Wright; 3 Steven Craig. 4 White Potatoes 1 Alistair Low; 2 Len Wright; 3 Steven Craig. 4 Coloured Potatoes 1 Alistair Low; 2 Len Wright; 3 Bill Kinnell, Cowdenbeath. 12 Potatoes, 4 named cultivars, 3 of each in a tray 1 Alistair Low; 2 Graham Bennet, Crossgates. 1 Cucumber 1 Alan Stott, Cowdenbeath; 2 Graham Bennet. 1 Vegetable Marrow, [quality] 1 Len Wright. 6 Runner Beans 1 Len Wright; 2 Graham Bennet. 6 Pod Peas 1 Len Wright; 2 Alistair Low. 5. 5 Tomatoes, (red) 1 Alistair Low; 2 Len Wright; 3 Anne Rennie, Dunfermline. 5 Tomatoes, (yellow) 1 Alistair Low; 2 Anne Rennie; 3 Alan Stott. 7 Cherry Tomatoes 1 Steven Craig; 2 Graham Bennet; 3 Anne Rennie. 1 Truss Tomatoes 1 Alan Stott; 2 Graham Bennet. First time Exhibitors. - Any 3 from the following list, 1 potato, 1 Carrot, 1 Onion, 1 Tomato, 2 Pod Peas, 1 Beetroot 1 Steven Craig. 3 Sticks of Rhubarb 1 Graham Bennet; 2 Len Wright.

Trinity Challenge Competition - 2019 For Local Churches Class 1 Scotland 1 Trinity Guild, Cowdenbeath; 2 North Church Cowdenbeath; 3 Trinity Guild, Crossgates.