A LOCHGELLY man who assaulted a woman then threatened police officers and told them he was going to "break their noses" has been ordered to do unpaid work.

Colin Dear, of Fraser Drive, appeared for sentencing at Dunfermline Sheriff Court on Wednesday.

He had previously admitted that on June 6 at a house in Mitchell Crescent, Hill of Beath, he assaulted his former partner by climbing on top of her whilst she was on the ground and repeatedly seizing her on the head to her injury

On the same date, at Mitchell Crescent and during the course of a journey to Dunfermline Police Station, he behaved in a threatening or aggressive manner by shouting, repeatedly uttering threats of violence towards police officers and repeatedly headbutting the interior of a police vehicle.

Depute Fiscal, Jamie Roy, said the accused at gone to the home of his former partner just before 2.30am and, after being let in, an argument had started. There was a struggle which resulted in her ending up on the floor and Dear climbed on top of her and seized her head.

Police officers arrived and handcuffed him and he began to lash out at them. He began threatening the officers stating "I will find out where you stay. I will make it my f****** mission."

Whilst in the back of the Police van, he continued to make threats saying he was going to assault the police officers and break their noses.

Mr Roy added: "The accused stated he would track down the officers within a 50 mile radius and assault them when they were off duty. He refused to desist throughout the journey to the police station."

Solicitor, Alexander Flett, said the parties continue to be in a relationship which has been ongoing for seven years.

"Appearing before the Court has had a pretty salutory effect on him and his recognition of the part that alcohol has played in previous offending and that is something he is keen to address," he added.

Sheriff Charles Macnair said it had been a violent attack on his partner.

"You then, when police were carrying out their duties, and properly so, acted in the manner described which involved threatening officers with violence when they were off duty," he said.

"Making threats of violence to police officers is extremely serious and furthermore of course, the police officers would have been aware of your record which includes offences of violence including against a police officer so such threats would not be necessarily treated as mere bravado or something of that sort.

"The Court will not tolerate threats being made against public officials doing their duty whoever those officials may be.

"There has been a gap in offending and for that reason – and that reason alone – I am going to deal with this by way of a non custodial sentence. This sort of behaviour again will more than likely end up with you serving a custodial sentence."

He placed him on a community payback order with supervision for two years and a requirement to take part in the Caledonian Men's Project which works with men convicted of domestic abuse offences.

He was also ordered to do 190 hours of unpaid work within six months.