THE senior football team at Woodmill High School have been kitted out thanks to the generosity of Cowdenbeath FC.

Club kitman Robert Mckinlay was devastated to see his old school, where his brother Harry works as a PE teacher, go up in flames last month.

He told the Times that the club were "only too happy to help" the school after he suggested that old kits were donated to the senior team.

He said: "I live near the school and I was a pupil there back in the day, so I know what a great community there is.

"My brother takes the senior football team and I wanted them, as a school, to know that folk were thinking about them.

"We had kits from last season that are the same colour as the school's strips, so I thought it would be a kind gesture if the club donated them.

"They were very happy to get involved."

The 16 full kits were presented to pupils on Friday by former Woodmill pupil and current Cowdenbeath defender, Harvey Swann.

Harvey was left "speechless" by the fire according to Robert, who added that he couldn't believe the severity of the blaze until the following morning when the extent of the damage was revealed.

He said: "I was on my way home when I saw the smoke. It looked quite devastating at the time, but it didn't really hit home how bad it was until you saw what was left the next day.

"Harvey was there till midnight I think watching it unfold, and he couldn't wait to help with the handover of the strips to the team.

"The team and staff at Woodmill were really pleased with the donation and I'd just like to thank Cowdenbeath for being so agreeable to my idea."