THE Coalfields Regeneration Trust are back working with the community of Benarty to help them create a new Action Plan and they are holding the first of two events in the village at the end of September.

It is five years since the first CRT Action Plan went on to create several initiatives which helped the people of the Glencraig, Crosshill, Lochore and Ballingry, improve their community.

The Trust now is ready to see the creation of a second Benarty Action Plan and is holding a public meeting this month to get the public's ideas of what could be done through a new plan of attack.

Programme manager, Pauline Grandison, said this week: "The Coalfields Regeneration Trust worked with local people in Benarty in 2013/14 to create a Five Year Community Action Plan.

"The document was packed with good ideas and initiatives – many of which have come to fruition over the past five years.

"We’re now about to start work on creating a new Community Action Plan for the area and would like to invite people to an event on Monday September 30 at Benarty Centre starting at 6.30pm to discuss local issues and help create the new plan.

"We’ll follow this up with a community voting day to give everyone a chance to vote on new priorities for Benarty.

"There is also an online survey to enable us to gather people's views at "

The Benarty Action Plan of 2013/14 was one of the first of a series of CAPs which have made significant contributions to improving the communites of Cardenden, Benarty, Kinglassie, Crossgates and Kelty, and one is currently underway in Cowdenbeath.