CARDENDEN Development Forum hope that plans for a new recreational area in the village's Wallsgreen Park gets the support of planners.

The Development Forum has been working with Fife Council Parks Department to build a Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) in Wallsgreen Park, but the Council planners will not accept the planning application until a flood risk assessment has been submitted.

But Forum chairman David Taylor said that the area of land outlined for the MUGA project had not shown any drainage problems over three decades.

He told the Times: "Wallsgreen Park was upgraded in the 1980s and has remained flood free ever since."

And Mr Taylor added that flood risk issues with potential housing sites in and around the village were much worse than that at Wallsgreen Park.

"More social housing is needed in the area, but the flood risk to the proposed houses and existing houses at Woodend is far greater than the possibility of Wallsgreen Park flooding.

"This has been put to Fife Council planners and an answer is still awaited".