LOCALS at a public meeting have reiterated concerns about flooding if plans for 48 houses on the edge of Cardenden go ahead.

Kingdom Housing Association and Campion Homes held a consultation event in Bowhill Community Centre last Tuesday to answer questions about their proposals.

They've submitted a proposal of application notice to Fife Council for a major development on land to the north of Woodend and Kinglassie Road.

David Taylor, secretary for Cardenden Community Council, said: "They put in a planning application last year but withdrew it because of the flooding issue.

"What they've done now is buy even more land to deal with it, so they've effectively doubled the size of the site but still want to build 48 homes.

"There are practical problems but the biggest issue by far is the flooding as the fields flood every time it rains. Kinglassie Road itself floods too.

"Their solution is to create an artificial pond with excess water going into a burn behind the houses at Woodend, but I can't see that working as the burn also floods."

Last month Mr Taylor sent in a photo of the area to the Times which showed the flooding problems after a period of heavy rain.

He continued: "The site itself is also in the countryside, it's outwith the boundary of Cardenden and it's not included as a housing site in FIFEplan, the council's local development plan."

"They're saying there's a need for social housing and that they have the support of Fife Council and the Scottish Government.

"They're trying to play on people's sympathy but we've been trying to point out that there's social housing being built at the moment, at a site on Cardenden Road, and there's a developer wanting to build private houses next to the railway bridge.

"Kingdom also have proposals to build at Jamphlars so why not progress that site instead?"

Scott Kirkpatrick, Kingdom's director of development, said: “We are very appreciative when members of the community take the time to speak to us about our draft planning proposals.

"As a result of this consultation event we will review our proposals, taking full account of the wide range of comments and concerns raised and we will then hold a second public consultation.

"Concerns were raised over how our development proposals might impact on local flooding issues and we were able to provide assurance that our drainage strategy will fully comply with Sewers for Scotland's four adoptable standards and SEPA requirements, and the surface water will be treated fully in accordance with Fife Council flood prevention policies.”