AN AIR cabin manager from Lochgelly is set to throw himself out of a plane all in the name of charity.

Despite his high flying career, Jason Philbin admits he has a fear of heights but is now set to face his fear by taking part in a fundraising skydive to raise money – and awareness – for a mental health organisation.

Having suffered from mental health issues previously, he is keen to let people know it is ok not to be ok and show that support is available.

"To cut a long story short, it was a few years ago and I had quite a bit of trauma in my life," he explained. "A few different things happened in my life that I had not really experienced before. I didn't really want to ask for help and thought everything would be fine.

"My mum had passed away and my ex partner had left me. One thing after another got on top of me and I was suppressing it and suppressing it.

"I went to the GP who got me the help I needed".

He added: "I got diagnosed with mental health and anxiety issues. In this day and age and the society we live in, particularly as a male, it is really difficult for a guy to admit there is something wrong and to go and see a specialist.

"I want to reach out to every person regardless of their background, sometimes in life, it is alright not to be alright. I thought what better way to do this than raise money for Mental Health UK which is a charity which works really hard.

"Mental Health in the UK is quite a big thing, I thought I want to raise money in a way that will stand out. I wanted to do something different.

"I work for EasyJet as a cabin manager. My job involved me being in a plane several times a week but when it comes to heights, I actually cannot stand them. As I have got older, I have got more scared of heights – I am petrified".

Jason went on: "I fly nearly every day but don't tend to look out of the windows so I will be overcoming one of my fears."

For Beath High School pupil Jason, 31, who now lives in Rosyth, is aware that mental health is a big issue at the moment and is keen to help others who are suffering.

"I wanted people to know that there are people out there," he said. "It is difficult to get a GP appointment but my family doctor was amazing and there are other organisations out there who can help.

"I started with a target of £670 and have now raised £1,290, so I am now going for £2,000. I don't mind if people don't want to make a donation but if I can share awareness as it is a big issue.

"It makes me really sad, because I live in Rosyth, I can hear the helicopter out often over by the Queensferry Crossing. It makes me so upset that they think that is a last resort.

"It comes down to spreading awareness and getting it out there. For people with mental health issues, go and seek help rather than sit in the dark."

Anyone wanting to contribute to Jason's fundraising can do so by visiting