THE SOUNDS of Africa were chiming out from Crossgates Primary this week when the Singing Children of Africa choir visited.

The children spent a day in the school – and showed off their voices and dance moves – before performing at the Carnegie Hall on Tuesday evening.

Class teacher Lauren Gibson said it had been an amazing experience for everyone involved.

"They came last year as well – it just started as one of the parents in the school takes the children in and sponsors them," she explained. "She approached a teacher at the time and asked if they would like them to come to the school. Obviously we said we would be interested.

"We split them into three classes and they spent time in the primary five, six and seven classes getting to know the children. They told the children what they do – they go to school for 12 hours a day for six days which our were pretty shocked at – and they did a concert for the whole school and our school choir sang with them.

"It was such an experience for them. Our kids were so excited when they heard they were coming back this year. They had a playtime outside and they had a shared lunchtime and all ate together as well."

The trip is organised through the Educate the Kids charity and Crossgates Primary choir then joined their African counterparts on the stage at the Carnegie Hall for several songs during their sell out performance.