AFTER a career with Dunfermline Athletic failed to kick off, Dundonald Bluebell's Ross Drummond has embarked on a "proper job" at the Fife Ethylene Plant (FEP) at Mossmorran.

The 25-year-old was on a youth contract at East End Park but has now become an electrical technician for ExxonMobil after completing a four year modern apprenticeship.

Ross was full time at Forth Valley College for 18 months before continuing his studies one day a week for the next three years with on site training and assessment.

He said: “I had applied for an apprenticeship when I came out of school, but then the football took over. When that didn’t work out I decided to re-apply for a ‘proper job’ by going for an apprenticeship and I was lucky enough to be accepted.

“I used to drive past Mossmorran and I was always interested about what went on there. I knew a few people who worked there and they always said good things about the place, so it was great when I was told I had been accepted.

“I did an aptitude test and interview and at that they asked what road I was most interested in taking. I went with my preferred school subjects and that pointed towards an electrical route."

Ross, from Kirkcaldy, is still involved in the game and currently plays for Dundonald Bluebell in the East of Scotland Premier Division.

And with his new job, he said he's looking forward to a bright future with his fiancée Sandie Ferguson.

He added: "My year at Forth Valley College turned into 18 months as I did an extra six months on a new trial for hand tools and I really loved it.

"The course and the facilities were great and I was getting full training while being paid by ExxonMobil.

“After the 18 months I went to college a day a week to continue working towards an HNC and learning on the job with an assessor visiting me on site a few times a month and I also had to complete a log book.

“The building blocks from the college set me up perfectly and I just learned more and more when I was on site.

“It is great to know that I’ve got a great, full-time job now and my fiancée and I are looking forward to getting married in a few years.

“This is a great place and I love coming to work. Everyone is so welcoming and it’s like one big family.”

Jim Gillon, electrical first line supervisor, who mentored Ross throughout his apprenticeship, said: “Ross was an exemplary apprentice and has been rewarded by getting a full-time job as an electrical technician with us.

“By the start of his third year his mature and positive outlook earned him extra responsibilities and his experience levels have continued to grow fast.

“I see a bright future ahead for him and the ball is in his court to reach out and make the most of it.”