Warnings signs are still in place at Lochore Meadows a week after a "large number" of fish were found dead. 

Fife Council advised visitors and users of the country park to stay out of the water, and keep pets out of it too, over fears for the water hygiene. 

Investigations into what killed the fish are still continuing with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) saying the cause has "not yet been confirmed". 

The loch remains closed which means that a triathlon due to take place in the country park on Sunday will now be a duathlon, the bike and running sections will go ahead but there will be no swimming.  

A spokesperson for SEPA, who said they were taking the issue "very seriously", said: “SEPA officers are continuing to investigate the deaths of a number of fish and molluscs at Loch Ore.

"The cause of this incident has not yet been confirmed and inspections of the loch have not found any visible signs or odours associated with any pollution.

“SEPA officers have recovered dead fish and molluscs from the loch and have taken further water samples from the loch for analysis.”

The alarm was raised last Friday after, reports suggest, around 120 fish were found dead. All recreational activities on the water, including canoeing, kayaking and open water swimming, were cancelled as a result. 

A post on the Lochore Meadows Facebook page today confirmed: "Please note that the water hygiene warning is still in place at Lochore Meadows.

"As a precautionary measure we are recommending that people do not swim, drink or take fish from the water.

"Dogs should also be kept out of the water. This advice was put in place last week following the death of a number of fish.

"Water hygiene testing is still being carried out and the water events planned for this weekend have unfortunately been cancelled."

Cowdenbeath MSP Annabelle Ewing said the situation was "very concerning" and urged people to heed the warnings to stay away from the water.