A LUMPHINNANS woman who told her neighbours she would get them removed from the street because they were gay has had her sentence deferred.

Megan Pow, 20, of Robert Smith Court, appeared for sentencing at Dunfermline Sheriff Court on Wednesday.

She had previously admitted that between November 8 and 9 last year, at Shaw Crescent, Lochgelly, she behaved in a threatening or abusive manner when she repeatedly shouted, swore, uttered offensive remarks and uttered threats of sexual violence to two neighbours.

Depute Fiscal Dev Kapadia said the complainers were in a relationship and the accused lived next door.

"The three of them used to be friendly with each other until about a week prior to the incident which had comprised of the accused acting rather bizarrely and banging on walls and this was apparently scaring the witnesses' dogs" he said.

At about 11.45pm on the day of the incident, she had gone up their drive and a confrontation started. Pow shouted abuse at them and threatened them. She said she was going to "get them removed from the street" because they were gay and said she would arrange for everyone to batter them.

Solicitor James Moncrieff said his client had no memory of the incident.

"It was against the background of a lot of alcohol having been consumed," he said. "Alcohol details and mental health difficulties had been an issue for some time."

Sheriff James Macdonald said it had been an "unpleasant" offence.

He deferred sentencing for her to be of good behaviour but warned her she would not be admonished when she returned on December 4.

"The matter is not over," he added.