A BID to open a new cafe and takeaway in the old TSB premises in Lochgelly has been refused by Fife Council.

Mr Mohammed Khan, of Prime Properties, applied for a change of use for the bank and to open the new business at 142-146 Main Street in the town.

Planning officers refused his  application, raising concerns over the odour and noise pollution to the residents living above the premises.

At a planning review on Monday, that stance was backed by councillors who rejected the bid.

Mr Khan, who bought the old bank at auction, had argued that his proposal would bring benefits to the area and said "great consideration" had been given to their neighbours.

He said a "very complex, highly efficient and effective ventilation system" was proposed, he had addressed "all the potential issues that could arise" and that the reasons given for the first refusal were "vague".

Mr Khan wrote: "This application was also intended to make use of the empty unit, to attract business, liven up and make the area a little vibrant, bring economic benefits and jobs to the area and prevent there being a case of buildings lying there empty, being wasted and becoming derelict."

Councillors agreed that it was a suitable area for the shop, helping bring business into the town centre and bring a building back into use, but nearby residents would still be affected by the cafe and takeaway.

Cllr Mino Manekshaw said: “If it’s acceptable in terms of location, then what we need to consider is would the introduction of this cause the quality of living for residents to be lessened? I think it would.

“There is an issue over the length of pipe that would be required for extraction, and it would cause a lot of noise for anyone living above.

"Not to mention any chimney sitting below the windows, creating odour issues.”

All councillors agreed with the officers decision and refused the appeal.