A BALLOT is to be held to decide what the future of plans to have Johnston Park, in Cowdenbeath, adopted by Fife Council will be.

A public meeting was held on Tuesday night at the Maxwell Centre when Fife Council's proposals to adopt the pavements and road surfaces of the former SSHA estate at the north east side of the town.

The estate consists of over 60 houses which have mixed ownership. Some are Fife Housing Association owned and most privately owned.

The estate has suffered a little from not being formally adopted through road surfaces being rougher in some parts than others and it is the same with the pavements.

The council came up with a proposal to allocate £22,000 from its devolved budget, along with £11,000 from FHA, with the private owners playing in £600 to bring the roads up to standard for adoption.

This went before a packed meeting at the Maxwell Centre on Tuesday with almost 50 reisdents there to discuss the issue with Councillor Alex Campbell presiding.

He was joined by colleagues Gary Guichan and Darren Watt and after some heated debate the proposal that private owners put £600 each into the project was tabled.

Said Councillor Campbell: "There were a lot of good points made during the evening on the adopted roads proposals but also on other issues.

"It was decided that Fife Housing Association will put the project out to tender and find what the costs of bringing the roads and pavements up to adoptable standard will be.

"Once the best offer is accepted this will be put out to a postal ballot of the residents of Johnston Park and if accepted then the work will be done and the roads and pavements adopted.

"Hopefully it will be adopted for I do not think there is a better solution to this long running issue."

Mr Campbell said that a number of the other points raised will be taken up by himself and councillors Guichan and Watt.