KELTY woman Barbara Boyd has had to learn to talk all over again after suffering from mouth cancer and she wants people to realise that it is something that can hit anyone.

Barbara also wants people to ensure that if they feel anything unusual in their mouth they go to their dentist and get it checked out.

The lady has just received the all clear following a tumour being found underneath her tongue.

It meant her having to have a substantial amount of her tongue taken out, and also an operation which saw many lymph nodes removed, to tackle the disease. Now, having had to learn to talk with her re-shaped tongue, she is promoting the largely unknown charity, 'Let's Talk About Mouth Cancer', which has former Scottish rugby internationalist Scott Hastings as its patron.

Said Barbara: "I became aware of something underneath my tongue and it was found to be a tumour which was discovered in time to tackle the problem.

"It meant that I had to have part of my tongue removed, which was successfully done, and then during my rehabilitation time I had to basically learn how to use my newly shaped tongue to speak properly again.

"It took time but I was able to achieve that."

Barbara is aware that not enough is known about Let's Talk About Mouth Cancer and she wants to change that and is holding a special fundraiser on September 7 to help the charity's funds and also raise awareness.

"Let's Talk About Mouth Cancer gets out the message that people should examine the inside of their mouth regularly and their tongue to check for any irregularities, for like any cancer this form of it needs to be tackled as soon as possible after it is found," she said.

"Your lips, cheeks, tongue, roof of your mouth and floor of it need to be examined to check for any unusual changes swelling or ulcers.

"And if you find something unusual get it checked as soon as possible. It may be not anything serious but it could be cancer and if it is the earlier it is found the quicker treatment can begin."

Let's Talk About Mouth Cancer is geared increasing public and professional awareness of mouth cancer; promote early detection; improve survival rates; and save lives.

If anyone would like to make a donation to the fundraising event it can be done through a justgiving page link