THE Zodiac School of Dance (ZeeDC), based in Lochgelly run by Stacey Gunn, attended the prestige event of the UDO World Streetdance Championships at the weekend held in England and brought home an AMAZING five world titles along with many other awards!!!

The event attended by 6,000+ dancers from 35 Countries, was a tough competition but the local dance school brought home the silverware.

The WORLD titles pictured brought home to Zodiac included: Street Petite u10 Intermediate/Advanced team; Isla Couper u8 beginner solo; Zac Gunn u8 novice solo; Daisy McLaren & Erin Donnachie U8 Advanced duo; and Evie Templeman & Macy Smith U10 Intermediate duo.

Many other trophies were won by the school: teams Street Petite U10 intermediate/advanced 1st;

Ignition U12 Advanced team runners up with a respectful 2nd place; ZeeCrew U8 Beginner team placing 6th with most of these kids aged 5 and 6!

QUAD: Hannah Jannetta, Marlie Galloway, Cerys Bowman & Cerys McDonald u14 quad section 5th place.

SOLOS: Amelia Huston U6 open 2nd, Ashley Wallace U6 open 4th, Isla Couper U8 Beginner 1st, Zac Gunn u8 novice 1st, Macklin Galloway u8 intermediate 2nd, Erin Donnachie u8 intermediate 3rd, Lili Elmer U8 Advanced 2nd; Ava Bennie u10 intermediate 2nd

Miley Blackadder u10 intermediate 4th Hannah Jannetta u12 Advanced 6th l Dayna Fleming u16 intermediate 3rd.

DUO: Ashley Wallace & Ellis Small u6 open 2nd; Zac Gunn & Isla Couper u8 Novice 5th;

Erin Donnachie & Daisy McLaren U8 Advanced 1st; Lili Elmer & Bence Elmer U10 Advanced 4th; Evie Templeman & Macy Smith u10 intermediate 1st ; Miley Blackadder & Lily McDougall u12 intermediate 3rd .

Stacey and the teachers of ZeeDC Ashleigh Yule, Liam McKay, Lauren Brady & Sophie Lister were overwhelmed by the success at the weekend. Said Stacey: "We are all very proud of every single dancer that qualified to be there as that’s a massive achievement in itself.

"To bring back trophies and 5 WORLD TITLES is just tremendous. The commitment and hard work the dancers put in and there passion to learn is very inspiring. The teachers would also like to thank the parents/families of the dancers who continue to support their dancers DREAMS.

"If you would like to come see our World Champions our annual dance show tickets are on sale NOW from the Zodiac Studio in Lochgelly or by messaging Stacey 07792612156. The show takes place at the Lochgelly Centre on the 8th & 9th November 7pm and tickets are £12 adult & £10 concession. Come along for a fabulous night of world class dancing with special guests too."