THE benefits of getting the right sort of hydration has been taken on board by children in Kelty.

Jane McNeish, Senior Nurse Epidemiologist from Health Protection Scotland, visited children at Kelty Out of School Club to highlight the importance of staying hydrated.

The Scottish Urinary Tract Infection Network (SUTIN) - which is part of Health Protection Scotland’s Community Health Protection Programme - launched a children’s hydration campaign Think2DrinkH2O earlier this year to highlight the benefits of good hydration for children and young people.

Jane said: “As Scotland’s children return to the classroom for another school year, we’re hoping to drive home the message about the value of good hydration.

“Getting the right amount of water can make a difference to the way we all feel, think and function.Adults play a vital role in helping children stay hydrated and preventing headaches, poor concentration, low energy, dizziness, constipation and urinary tract infections – as well as poor oral health and dry skin.

“Tap water is the best source of hydration, it’s healthy and kind to teeth. Around six to eight cups/mugs is the ideal amount per day+ and we’d encourage adults to play their part in making sure kids regularly get enough fluids - both at home and during the school day.”

Diane Murray, Deputy Chief Nursing Officer, Scottish Government said: “Good hydration is important for us all but it’s particularly crucial that children and young people consume enough fluid.

"Children are reliant on care-givers to ensure they get enough fluid for optimum health so I’m delighted that Health Protection Scotland are working in our communities with parents, teachers and other health professionals to help get the hydration message across.”

SUTIN have produced a range of materials (which include a healthy pee chart, record card and posters) for use in health and education settings and at home - find these on the campaign website. A video with hints and tips for encouraging young people to drink more water is also available and the youngsters at the Kelty Out of School Club were delighted to get the advice.