THE woman who runs the Slimming World Group at Hill of Beath ex Servicemen's Club has found one of the ladies she works with at her three classes a 'real inspiration.'

Agata Barker has sessions at Hill of Beath on Mondays between 3.30 and 7.30 and on Tuesdays at 9.30, 3.30 and 5.30. and at Dunfermline's City Hotel and Templehall Church, in Kirkcaldy.

Agata said: "I have had the pleasure to meet this amazing lady - Ann Mitchell and was able to give her the Diamond target member certificate which means that she has hit her target for over a year. She is such an inspiration to the group."

Ann said: "I fell down the stairs over three years ago, my consultant was very blunt - cruel to my overweight mind - but advised the weight I was carrying was a major issue preventing me from becoming pain free, that my BMI of 41 had to come down.

"I was mortified and had a long think to myself - do I suffer, could I do this? Or do I get my big girl pants on and face this head on?

"I joined the class for the umpteenth time, however, this time I did not put any pressure on myself, deciding to give myself two years to reach target.

"The journey over the last two years has been educational, certainly eventful and memorable, making so many new friends along the way, fundraising for a cause, which sadly, was very close to the heart of my family. However, if anyone could bottle and sell the feeling you get when you hit that target, oh my - they would certainly be a millionaire, the compliments and questions, strolling into Next to buy size 10 jeans - a present from my granddaughter for reaching target - Me? Me? Yes me with a BMI of 24.9. Strutting my stuff in skinny jeans, being admired and feeling amazing!"

She added: "I had over ten thousand reactions to my before and after pictures online, fellow women who are on the same journey telling ME what an inspiration I am to them, that my pictures were like mother and daughter, the difference so unreal and more poignantly a lot of mature ladies, thanking me for sharing, saying I had given them such confidence, that they were now full of renewed vigour, excited to continue their journeys because they too wanted to feel and look as happy as the 68 year old target member I am today - what more can I say. Thank You SW - I am now a strong, happy, independent woman, the world is my oyster! Thanks again - Its been a blast!!!!!"

Agata said: "Ann's story is one that can give so many people hope that they can achieve what they set out to do and I am there to help." Agata can be contacted on 07730470890.