BRICKS were contributing to the problems experienced by residents of a Cowdenbeath street who found human faeces and foul smelling water running down the street, it has been discovered.

Said one resident on Wednesday: "Drylie Street in Cowdenbeath was covered in human faeces at the end of last week. It was like a river of poo after one heavy shower.

"Neighbours have been complaining about the smell in their cars when driving through. Various manholes and gullies seem blocked."

Scottish Water said yesterday: "Our operative went to Drylie Street and cleared a choke.

"He removed debris and bricks from a manhole that were contributing to the choke.

Local councillor Gary Guichan said that recent weather, with heavy rain,has been putting pressure on the drainage system.

He commented: "Scottish Water have responsibility for this and have power jetted the drains and the problem has now been resolved, although it did take some time for this to happen.

"But the recent weather has put extreme pressure on both council and Scottish Water staff".