COWDENBEATH Rotary Club said goodbye to their first associate member on Thursday night.

Geoff Probert leaves at the end of the month to take up the position of minister of Scunthorpe Congregational Church after three and a half years as locum minister at St Serf's Church, in Lochgelly and Benarty.

Geoff became Cowdenbeath Rotary Club's first associate member last year and as locum at St Serf's he was asked to do over 100 funeral services for local families.

Lochgelly undertaker, John Gilfillan, paid this personal tribute to Geoff at Thursday's meeting: "I am really saddened that Geoff is leaving the area, for in my 27 years in undertaking he has been one of the best ministers I have ever dealt with.

"He has been a very popular figure in Benarty and Lochgelly and his moving to Scunthorpe will be their gain and our loss here."

Club president Yolanda Hilton said that Geoff created a bit of history when he became the club's first associate member and he was someone who was always happy to help with any task. She wished him every success in the future.

Geoff told the members and guests: "When I first arrived I thought it would only be for a few short months but it turned out to be three and a half years and I have to say that I have had the honour of meeting a lot of marvellous people in that time."