A TEENAGE sex offender who used the name Jimmy Savile on social media raped a 15-year-old schoolgirl in Rosyth.

Reigh Braidwood, 19, who also carried out a "disgraceful catalogue of offences" against children, assaulted the victim after she had been drinking in the town in 2017. He also breached bail conditions by uttering remarks about 'getting two girls killed' in Cowdenbeath

He had denied the rape but after he was found guilty at the High Court in Edinburgh, jurors heard that he earlier admitted other sex crimes.

Two of the offences were committing sex acts with underage girls aged 14 and 15, one of which occurred on the same night as the rape.

The Court heard that Braidwood used the user name Jimmy Savile on a Facebook account which was used to send a friend request to one girl, in breach of bail conditions.

The judge, Lord Pentland, told him: "You stand convicted of a truly disgraceful catalogue of offences extending, by the jury's verdict, to the rape of a child.

"The evidence satisfies me that you have a deplorable attitude towards members of the opposite sex.

"In my considered view you present a substantial danger to public safety, particularly towards women and young girls."

The rape victim told the Court that in September 2017, while a schoolgirl, she had been in contact with others through social media and arranged to go to Rosyth for a drink.

She said she got three litres of Frosty Jack's cider and added that they got someone old enough to go and purchase the drink.

She told the Court that she did remember when she finished the drink. She added: "My vision was blurring. I could hardly stand."

She remembered Braidwood having some sexual contact at the grounds of a primary school with her and said: "I didn't know what was going on and when I did I told him to stop."

The teenager told advocate depute, Susanne Tanner QC, that he did not stop when she told him to. She said she kept on blacking out because of alcohol.

She said she did not want to have intercourse with Braidwood and said: "I remember him being on top and I was sore and I was telling him I was sore but he wasn't listening to me."

Braidwood was found guilty of raping the girl on September 16 2017 during an assault at St John's Primary School, Heath Road and at Hillwood Terrace in Rosyth, while she was intoxicated and incapable of giving or withholding consent.

He previously admitted having sex with another 15-year-old girl on an occasion at a park near to Dunfermline Town railway station between July 1 and September 30 in 2017.

The advocate depute said: "She asked him not to tell anyone that they had had sex but soon afterwards he shared on a social media group chat that he had had sex with her."

Braidwood, who is in Polmont young offenders' institution, also got a 14-year-old girl to carry out an oral sex act on him in Rosyth on the night of the rape.

He also admitted breaching bail conditions and uttering threatening and abusive remarks at an address in Cowdenbeath. In a message he posted about two girls, he wrote: "I'll get them both killed."

The prosecutor said that in October last year police took possession of screenshots which showed the user name Jimmy Savile and the profile picture of Braidwood.

Lord Pentland deferred sentence on him for the preparation of a background report and risk assessment until next month.

Braidwood was placed on the sex offenders' register and remanded in custody.

The judge excused jurors from further jury service for five years because of the distressing nature of the evidence in the case.