WHEN the Beath-Malawi Partnership (BMP) attended the Scottish Malawi Partnership (SMP) Youth Congress earlier in the year, little did they know that it would lead to them holding a Malawi lunch at the school.

The theme of the Youth Congress was “Sharing Cultures” and this is exactly the idea behind the lunch.

Groups attending the Congress were asked by the SMP to send in applications to hold a youth event. If successful, they would receive funding and support from the SMP.

Beath-Malawi Partnership were one of three groups who were successful in their application and the result was the lunch held in the LRC at Beath HS.

During the BMP visit to partner schools in October 2018, they spent a day looking at the day to day life of Malawians, including preparing and cooking meals. This experience was put to good use as several recipes were prepared on the day and provided those attending with a true Malawi menu.

Along with Kilombero rice, there were curries, salads, cabbage side dishes, fruit fritters and perhaps less well received, nsima. Using school contacts in Malawi, the pupils ensured that only ingredients found in Malawi could be used to give the meals that authentic flavour.

The group planned, prepared and cooked the meal for pupils, staff and invited guests who included parents, charity trustees, members of the SMP and local councillors, Gary Guichan and Darren Watt.

After the meal was served, the group were entertained by Brave Myanyi, who led those “willing” few in African singing and dancing. He was also part of Beath’s own version of the Pipes and Drums as he joined Mrs Madden on the drums as an accompaniment to Erin Westwater and Jamie Watt playing the pipes.

The meal and entertainment certainly provided a feel-good factor as they continue to raise funds for their friends in Malawi who are still suffering the after-effects of the two major cyclones which wrought so much devastation to the areas around Beath High's partner schools, Mapanga PS and Njale PS.

The pupils' thanks go to everyone who supported them – the learners and staff of Beath HS, parents and invited guests.

A special word of thanks – zikomo – goes to Gemma, Stuart and Brave, from the SMP, who provided great help to the group prior to the event and on the day.