A KELTY man has been jailed for drunken assaults in a supermarket car park in the early hours of the morning.

A group of friends were talking by their cars at the Asda store at Halbeath Retail Park when they were approached by a stranger who then attacked them.

Deane Hunter, 25, of Cocklaw Street, appeared for sentencing at Dunfermline Sheriff Court, having been found guilty previously of two charges.

On December 23 last year at Halbeath Retail Park, he assaulted Daniel McIver by punching him on the head.

He also assaulted Ramsay McIntosh by punching him on the body repeatedly and seizing him.

At the trial, Mr McIntosh, 19, a cheese-maker from Cluny, said he had been on a night out with three friends in Edinburgh and then at the bowling complex at Fife Leisure Park.

They stopped at Asda to buy food when the incident happened between 1am and 2am.

He told the court that Hunter, a complete stranger, had staggered over to them and stuck his head in one of the cars.

“He was saying things like, ‘Do you think you’re the big men?’. None of us knew who he was and just ignored him,” said Mr McIntosh.

“He then put his forehead up against my forehead and was saying, ‘Do you think you’re hard?’”

He said Hunter then “went for” one of his friends. “I pushed him to the ground. He got up and came towards me.

“He started swinging at me with clenched fists and that’s when I started swinging back.”

A fight then took place with both of them falling to the ground and getting up several times.

Daniel McIver, 27, said Hunter had thrown a punch at him which started the altercation.

“He threw a right hook and it skiffed me because I dodged it. Ramsey pulled him away. They got into a fight and they were fighting all over the car park,” he told the court.

He said the punch-up was halted when Hunter was grabbed by two other friends and held down until police arrived.

Sheriff Charles MacNair told Hunter he had committed “unprovoked assaults” on the victims. He jailed him for six months.