A CARDENDEN man who failed to give a urine sample after concerns over the state of his driving has had his licence taken off him for 18 months.

William Kerwin, 43, of Muirtonhill Road, Cardenden, previously admitted that on December 19 at Poundstretchers, High Street, Cowdenbeath he did steal a quantity of toys.

And, on February 9, at Victoria Hospital,without reasonable excuse failed to provide a specimen of urine when requested to do so.

Depute fiscal, Alistair McDermott, explained Kerwin was picked up by police after concerns over his driving.

There had been complaints that the accused was "away with it".

He had been asked to give specimens previously and still did not want to give them at the police station.

The Court heard that £159 worth of stolen goods were not recovered in the December incident.

Defence solicitor, James Moncrieff, explained that his client had provided a breath specimen which had come back negative.

"I think there were numerous attempts to get blood," he said.

"They then asked him to give a urine sample but he has a medical problem which makes that difficult.

"He accepts he lost patience because it was going on for some time.

"He did not tell police officers because he was embarrassed. He should have just given them urine or told them.

"The other matter is linked to drug difficulties. He had fallen off the wagon.

"He stole the items to fund his habit that had resurfaced.

"If he had simply explained his medical problem it might have been resolved."

Kerwin was disqualified from driving for 18 months and a fine of £400 was imposed.