THE new Lochgelly Community Council are appealing to the people of the town to back them in their bid persuade Scottish Government Health Minister, Jeane Freeman, to speed up a replacement for the town's health centre.

Their predecessors started the campaign to replace the David Street Health Centre four years ago, and while at times progress seemed to be being made, and even a site chosen for the replacement in Francis Street, things have come to a halt.

Elected in March the new community council feel that things are fast reaching a crisis point and they are starting moves to compile views from the people of the town to present to Ms Freeman.

Community council secretary Louise Brown said: "As things stand Lochgelly's population is continuing to grow and the same facility that was described as being 'not fit for purpose' four years ago is still there with doctors and staff struggling in the confined space of the David Street facility.

"We hope that we can compile people's experiences of using the current facility which will underline the urgency of a need for a replacement to be built in the town."

Louise is asking people to make their views known by emailing the council at and describing their experiences.

Added Louise: "I have had my own experience of having to queue up before 7pm in the morning in the cold and there will be people who have had worse.

"We want to know these because it is important that we make Jeane Freeman aware of the problems that the people of Lochgelly are having through not having a fit for for purpose health centre."

Aware that not everyone will have access to email Louise is currently hoping to set up a base where people can drop their written thoughts in on what the community council sees as crisis in the town.

With The Avenue housing developments on both sides of the road set to see upwards of 200 homes completed within the next 12 months the Lochgelly population is set to rise by more than 500 people which the community council sees as making problems getting an appointment with a GP at the Health Centre even more acute.