THE Matt Fiddes Fife Martial Arts School, at the Maxwell Centre in Cowdenbeath, is geared to bringing the chance to people to enjoy karate in every age group.

After starting operating at the former Hill of Beath Community Centre, when the Maxwell Centre opened for business last year martial arts coach Sandy Hunter was delighted to move his class a few hundred yards up the road.

Apart from running classes in Cowdenbeath the Matt Fiddes MAS holds classes in Kirkcaldy and Kingskettle and Sandy explained how he just enjoys giving people the chance to develop their skills.

He said: "It really is important to stress that the Matt Fiddes Martial Arts School is there for youngsters who want to learn about karate and develop their skill factors through to older people who just want to be involved in an activity which increases their fitness levels.

"At the Maxwell Centre and our other bases we have young people who are eager to learn and want to enter into competitions with a view to winning medals and we have others who want to improve their fitness.

"One of those is Karen Thomson, who was 46 when she started and wanted to improve her fitness. She got involved and improved in leaps and bounds to such an extent she has just completed her black belt examination with a bit of style."

Sandy has had the honour of coaching a number of young people who are now black belts, just like Karen. He added: "The Matt Fiddes Fife Martial Arts School is one big happy family with all the exponents supporting one another and helping each other get better and better.

"We currently have six Scottish champions in various age groups including Isabella Fawcett-Hall, twins Connor and Dean Loughran, Josh Young and Kyle Todd.

"Karen came back with three medals which was a fantastic effort by her."

Looking ahead the Fiddes exponents are going to the British Championships in November and hope to make an impact.

Sandy would welcome new members to join in on their sessions on a Tuesday night between 7 and 8 at the Maxwell Centre's big hall.

He said: "Again it is all about enjoying yourself and if someone wants to get involved just come along on a Tuesday or give me a call on 07879333769.

"Part of our ideal is helping children get fitter and more active, give them confidence and self assuredness and anti-bullying advice along with stranger-danger pointers."

The first session is free and the first karate suit is free so whatever your age, if you want to try something different to get a little fitter go along to the Maxwell Centre hall on a Tuesday evening or give Sandy a ring.