A HOME in Mossbank, Cowdenbeath, has been hit with flooding again after a gap of 11 years when Friday’s downpour saw water rush down off the hill opposite and invade Ian Thomson’s property causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.

The street outside the house at 13 Mossbank, completely flooded across a stretch from number 15 down to number 9.

The water covered the road and the footpaths as well as halfway up the grass gardens opposite.

The location of number 13, on the lower side of the street, meant that all the water ran down the driveway and into the garage attached to Mr Thomson’s house and flooded the garage and the office within the garage, with 10 inches of water.

Everything on the floors and up to 10 inches of the floor, were completely ruined.

In 2008 this happened and Mr Thomson at number 13 fought for extra drainage to be installed and it was. It wasn’t, however, connected to the main drains independently. He fought for this and was under the impression it had been done.

He said on Monday: “The weekend to be honest has been a nightmare and a lot of stuff stored in the back office of the garage was memory boxes that were completely sodden.

“The garage and office smell of dampness and I am afraid to remove sand bags from the front garage door, in case it happens again.

“I am meant to be on holiday this week and will just be dealing with the aftermath of this and hoping it doesn’t happen again. I am not even in a danger zone as I am not near a water source it is just inadequate drainage”.

He added: “The cleaning and maintenance of the drains has been very rare and I can’t actually remember the last time they were cleaned and flushed through.

"The damage the last time was around £4,500 and this time it is looking to be the same value as I am trying to make a list of the items and then the structural dampness will need treated. I intend to be at the council again and see what else can be done here as this is not now a regular event. Even if they have to enlarge the sewer to take the extra flows.

"I am not classified as being in a danger location as I am not near a water source. But the water runs from the house gardens opposite and into the road and then down the driveways of the houses opposite. Unfortunately I have a garage at the end of that driveway.”