SCOTTISH Children's charity Seamab is urging you to get your skates on and raise vital funds for some of the most vulnerable children in Scotland at the Glencraig Fife Cycle Park.

The Great Scottish Skate, which allows you to skate your own distance from 1km to a full marathon distance, is being held at Fife Cycle Park on Sunday September 1.

Joanna McCreadie, Seamab’s Chief Executive, said “Seamab provides care and education for children aged five and older who have experienced significant trauma, abuse and loss.

"Children who come to Seamab have a wide range of needs and face many challenges, we believe it is our job to gift all the children with relationships and experiences that support them to heal and to grow into competent and confident adults.

"We are delighted to host The Great Scottish Skate, the event embodies Seamab’s attitude to being brave and trying new experiences as well as getting outdoors and having fun.”

The Great Scottish Skate is open to all ages and promises to be a fun family day out.

Wendy McNaughton, said “Until 9 months ago the last time I was on skates I was 10 years of age.

"I remember being able to skate very well. However, this was not the case 41 years later. After much practice I have grown to love my time on skates and found a new way stay fit and healthy.

"I am delighted to put this new found skill to good use and be able to take part in the half marathon for Seamab, a very worthwhile cause helping children of Scotland. Lots of training required but I am up for the challenge.”

You can find out more and sign up at