FLY-TIPPING at the side of Loch Gelly has been slammed by a passing motorist from the town.

This picture shows the mixture of a small heater, a large bin, electrical apparatus and some building debris, the unhappy resident found at the weekend up by the loch.

The motorist said: "I was shocked to find these items just discarded by the side of the road on the way to Auchtertool.

"We have two very good Recycling depots at Cartmore, in Lochgelly, and at Cuddyhouse Road, in Cowdenbeath, so there is no need for this to happen.

"It really is shocking and so needless."

The person reminded everyone that fly-tipping is an offence and can lead to a four figure fine.

He added: "The Gelly Loch is such a lovely feature and certainly does not deserve to have this rubbish scattered near its shores."