THE Senior Awards winners were, Academic Achievement, Aleisha Orr 4F1 Administration & IT – National 5, English – National 5, Mathematics – National 5, Modern Studies – National 5.

Daisy Cuthbert 4F1, Art & Design – National 5, History – National 5. Charlotte Alexander 4K Biology – National 5, Geography – National 5, Music – National 5, Spanish – National 5.

Eve Hamilton 4T Business Management – National 5. Mallory Gilfillan 4F1 Chemistry – National 5, Computing Science – National 5, Graphic Communication – National 5. Natasha Pirrie SP DAS Department of Additional Support. Katie Brennan 4K Design & Manufacture – National 5.

Courtney Bryson 4T Drama – National 5. Katy Johnston 4T Hospitality – National 5. Carli McKay 4K Physical Education – National 5, Practical Woodwork – National 5. Caitlin McConnell 4K Physics – National 5.

Tanesha Dewar 5K Application of Mathematics – National 5. Erin Cuthbert 5K Art & Design – Higher, Computing Science – Higher. Daisy Bathgate 5D Biology – Higher, French – Higher, Modern Studies – Higher. Kerr Lawrie 5K Business Management – Higher, English – Higher, Mathematics – Higher, Physics – Higher.

Lewis Graham 5D Chemistry – Higher. Declan Thomson 5K Craft & Personal Finance – NPA.

Academic Achievement, Reece Martin SP DAS Department of Additional Support. Megan King 5D Design & Manufacture – Higher. Jamie-Lee Davie 5K Drama – Higher. Carrie Wotherspoon 5D Geography – Higher. Todd Fleming 5T Graphic Communication – Higher. Owen Fernie 5D Health & Food Technology – National 5. Beth McMillan 5KHistory – Higher. Dylan Reid 5T Music – Higher. Jack Malvenan 5T Physical Education – Higher. Kyle Smith 5F Sport & Recreation – National 5.

Ross Falls 6D Administration & IT – Higher, Computing Science – Advanced Higher. Lauren O’Hagan 6D Art & Design – Advanced Higher. Jack Mathieson 6K Biology – Advanced Higher. Samuel Jowitt 6FChemistry – Advanced Higher. Carly O’Hagan 6K Design & Manufacture -Advanced Higher, Graphic Communication – Advanced Higher, Engineering Science – National 5. Yasemin Ilhan 6F English – Advanced Higher. Cian Kinnell 6T History – Advanced Higher. Abbie Ogg 6K Media – National 5. Hannah Reid 6D Practical Metalworking – National 5. Rebecca Bianchi Ferreira 6F Spanish – Advanced Higher. Kaiya Rae 6F Spanish – Higher.

Outstanding Achievement, Amy Dignan P DAS Department of Additional Support . Marie Fleming SP DAS Department of Additional Support.

Kieran Burns 5K The Prince’s Trust. Leah Gilfillan 5KThe Prince’s Trust. Jamie-Lee Davie 5K Social Subjects. Cian Kinnell 6T Modern Languages.

Personal Academic Best, Shannon Johnstone 4F1 Art & Design. Katie Brennan 4K Biology, History. Eve Hamilton 4T Chemistry. Ioana Koleva 4K Computing Science, Physics. Khorum Il Haq SP DAS Department of Additional Support. Brett Grierson 4D Design & Manufacture. Demie-Leigh Hudson 4F1 Drama. Kayleigh Arnold 4T English. Beth Powrie 4TGeography. Caitlin McConnell 4K Graphic Communication. Regan Brown 4F2 Hospitality. Lewis Smart 4K Mathematics. Kaitlyn Thomson 4T Modern Studies. Deklan Stewart 4K Music. Aaron McMahon 4F2 Physical Education. Kieran Connelly 4F2 Practical Woodwork. Shauna Vanbeck-Kerr 4K Spanish.

Personal Academic Best, Louise McLeary 5D Administration & IT. Chloe Pollock 5K Application of Mathematics. Kamuran Bezgin 5F Art & Design, English. Nicole Young 5D Biology. Aaron Swan 5T Business Management. Carrie Wotherspoon 5D Chemistry. Josh Doran 5T Computing Science, Geography. Kaitlyn Davidson 5D Craft & Personal Finance, Drama. Jason Rennie SP DAS Department of Additional Support. Tristen Brannan 5K Design & Manufacture. Sharmila McCann 5D French. Duncan McManus 5TGames Development. Jack Malvenan 5T Graphic Communication. Connor Woods 5D History. Megan King 5D Mathematics. Owen Maxwell 5D Media. Bailey-Lee Robb 5T Modern Studies. Lauren Scott 5FMusic. Cameron Duff 5T Physical Education. Lennon Farrell 5T Practical Metalwork. Ben Munro 5K Spanish. Kyle Smith 5F Sport & Recreation.

Yasemin Ilhan 6F Design & Manufacture, Hannah Reid 6D Engineering Science. Brogan McQuade 6D English, Geography, Modern Studies, Spanish. Cian Kinnell 6T French. Jordan Sneddon 6KHealth & Food Technology, Music. Louise McArthur 6K Mathematics.

Mathematics Awards – Outstanding Achievement Ronan McGuire 4F2 Bronze Award in UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge Best in Year. Charlotte Alexander 4K Bronze Award in UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge. Keir Bailey 4F1 Bronze Award in UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge. Paul Davie 4F1 Bronze Award in UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge. Mallory Gilfillan 4F1Bronze Award in UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge.

Colours Awards Half Colours Award: Music Keir Bailey 4K, Jennifer Bogie 4F2, Katie Brennan 4K, Daisy Cuthbert 4F1, Mallory Gilfillan 4F1, Eve Hamilton 4T, Sophie Kirk 4F1, Lewis Smart 4K, Deklan Stewart, Caitlin Duffy 5D, Daisy George 5K. Full Colours Award: Music Charlotte Alexander 4K, Callum Clemison 5K, Katie Maxwell 4T, Erin Cuthbert 5K, Jack Malvenan 5T. Winner of the Ann Rae Trophy Jordan Sneddon 6K.

Full Colours UK Physical Education Dana Fielding 4T, Amber-Louise Fernie 4T Leah Gilfillan 5K. Fife League Winners Shield Under 18 Girls Football, Kaci Courts 1D, Alex Davie 5K, Ellie Davie 3T, Morgan Farrell 3T, Leah Ford DAS2, Leah Gilfillan 5K, Shawnie Leslie 2F, Tyler Thomson 3F, Tyler Trevesani.

The Ray Fernie Foundation Award, Presented in its first year by Alan Fernie, Foundation Apprentice of the Year: Hannah Reid 6D.

The Ray Fernie Foundation Award: Driven by Destination sponsored by Carbon Financial Partners Ltd: Carly O’Hagan 6K

Foundation Scotland Scholarships, Brogan McQuade 6D, Ross Falls 6T, Ryan Green 6F, Lauren O’Hagan 6D, Reece Lyall 6F, Molly Hodge 6D, Abbie Ogg 6K, Abby Burns 6K, Demi Ferguson 6K.

Trophy Winners, Leah Gilfillan 5K Frank Gibb Trophy for Sporting Achievement. Regan Brown 4F2 Jill Stephen Trophy for Excellence in Food Technology. Carli McKay 4K Marion McLeod Memorial Trophy for Sporting Achievement. Cian Kinnell 6T Police Scotland Trophy for Outstanding Service to the Community. Bailey-Lee Robb 5T Paul Chikaonda Award (The Best for Everyone). Brogan McQuade 6D Beverly Gibb Award (For Endeavour). Rebecca Bianchi-Ferreira 6F Bosch Rexroth Trophy for Excellence in Modern Languages. Chloe Ramsay SP DAS Robert Purvis Award for Outstanding Achievement in DAS. Reece Martin SP DAS Timbershack Award – Outstanding Personal Best. Daisy Bathgate 5D Parent Forum Award - Model Pupil in Senior Phase. Cian Kinnell 6T George Johnston Memorial Award – School Captain. Megan Hargrave 6D George Johnston Memorial Award – School Captain. Lauren O’Hagan 6D George Johnston Memorial Award – School Captain.

Jack Yuile Memorial Award For the DUX of Lochgelly High School 2019 Samuel Jowitt