CARDENDEN will come under the focus of the Beautiful Fife Judges next week and the volunteers who have been championing the many beauty spots in the ABCD villages intend to impress them.

Cardenden Environment Group are readying the village for the Beautiful Fife judging on Wednesday July 17 and hope to impress the judges enough to improve on last year's Silver Gilt award.

The Environment Group's Vicky Murdoch said: "So far we have managed to achieve Silver Guilt due to all the hard work of the volunteers and residents of Cardenden.

"This year our volunteers are out within the village making sure it is litter free and are working hard to ensure there are plenty areas of bright colour for us all to enjoy.

"The group are more than happy to maintain Silver Guilt but our aim is to go for Gold...if not for this year we are definitely on track for next year".

Group members ask that if all residents can do there bit to ensure the village is looking its best not just for the judges but for all year round.

Just a few weeks back pupils at Cardenden Primary School played their part in making the village look nicer by planting flowers in a previously overgrown flower bed in Carden Castle Park and it is developing well.

Should anyone like to volunteer to help the Environment Group, members meet within the Community Garden, Derran Drive, every Monday and Wednesday from 10am to11am.