THE Meedies Running Club's 24 hour event was a massive success at the weekend and gave Benarty Food Bank a massive boost.

On Friday at 7pm the MRC started their annual 24 Hour Relay all in the name of charity.

Runners would take it in turn as a pair to complete the 5k route around Lochore Meadows before passing onto the next awaiting runners, running right through to Saturday night.

The 24 hour relay also means the end of a nine week block for the club’s C25K group where the latest participants graduated after completing their 5k effort. The block is designed to help anyone who hasn’t run before to be able to run 5k within nine weeks.

This year the event was made open so that anyone could take part and it was a great success with over 50 entries from the public coming forward and doing their bit for charity.

Said MRC's Derek Murray: "The club was informed that the local Benarty Food Bank was in need of some help to replenish stock and in true typical Meedies Running Club fashion we knew that we had to do something to help this great cause.

"We do not have a final count on how much was raised for the Benarty Food Bank as of yet but we would like to thank each and everyone single person who handed items in for donation.

"A total of 765 Miles was run over the 24 hour period beating last year's total by over 200 miles.

"We look forward to hosting this event next summer again and know that it’s only going to get bigger and better".

BFB's Stevie Nardone said: "The Meedies Running Club produced the most amazing amount of supplies for us totalling the massive weight of 563kgs

"That really was stunning and we are delighted. To add to that a donation of £200 from the club came to us, so we cannot thank the runners enough for their efforts for Benarty Food Bank."