LAST week saw the first ever production by the newly formed LADAMA Theatre School as they presented Disney’s glorious The Little Mermaid Jr in Lochgelly Centre, writes Kerry Black.

Containing all the hit songs like “Part Of Your World” and “Kiss The Girl “from the classic Disney animated film, plus songs written especially for the Broadway version, such as the marvellous Motown inspired Mermaid fantasy “She’s In Love”, this show was truly a joy to behold.

Featuring music by Alan Menken, with lyrics by Howard Ashman and Glen Slater, plus book by Doug Wright, The Little Mermaid takes the classic Hans Christian Andersen story of a mermaid who wishes to step out of the water and live on the land and gives it a dash of modern pizazz as our feisty heroine is shown as a petulant teenager facing up to her father and defying tradition.

This was an ideal show for a theatre school as it had so many parts plus great ensemble numbers.

Under the expert baton of Ronan Corkey, the kids sang their hearts out. Special mention must go to the Little Mermaid herself, Ariel (Erin Cameron) for her beautiful singing voice.

Every principal showed great confidence, taking their time to be heard. From Sam Morrison as Prince Eric, with his trusty sidekick Grimsby (Daniel Show), plus the comical Scuttle (Jack Hadden), Sebastian (Oliver Morrison) and Reece Smith as King Triton, there were plenty decent roles for all the boys.

I particularly enjoyed “Les Poissons” with the deranged Chef Louis (Jamie Sutherland), his timing with the cleaver was excellent. Full marks to Creative Director, Andrew Gardiner and Assistant Facilitator, Diane C Peet, who worked so hard with Choreographer Yvonne Tait to bring out the best in the entire cast.

The simple staging and colourful costumes from Yvonne Tait. Fiona Hadden and Liam A Black, allowed the cast to shimmer away as they danced from “Under The Sea” to dry land. I loved the purple lighting as the evil sea witch Ursula (Ruby Barker) took Ariel’s wonderful voice!

The Little Mermaid has it all, comedy, romance plus a baddie who in true Disney style has to get her comeuppance! it was exuberant, gleeful and I would have paid the entrance ticket just to see Abbie Reid-Reilly’s hilarious performance as Flounder!

Judging by the standing ovation at the end of the show, the audiences loved it too. It was great to see plenty adults from LADAMA there supporting the cast, backstage, front of house and in the audience too. Roll on June 2020, when LADAMA Theatre School will present A Little Princess.