A LOCAL young mum chose to do a special fundraising event for three charities, inspired by Home-Start Cowdenbeath.

Emma Brock wanted to help the group for two reasons, firstly for the assistance she received in coping with being a mum, and also for Home-Start Cowdenbeath's manager Susan Capaldi celebrating 25 years with the organisation.

She also chose to back the Poppy Scotland and the Scottish Association for Mental Health charities.

Emma held the fundraiser along with her Fife College Enterprise Course colleague, Lynne Anne Tod, at the college and raised the fine total of £661.41, which was split equally between the three causes.

She wanted to give something back to Home-Start Cowdenbeath as a thank-you for the support she received and also because of her desire to help Susan celebrate her 25th anniversary with the project.

Emma explained why she chose Home-Start Cowdenbeath was because although she has very good family support, she was referred to Home-Start as a young mum to boys James and Callum.

With Emma's husband working long shifts she was feeling very isolated and had lost contact with her friends from school.

Her Health Visitor referred her to Home-Start and initially she had a Home-Visiting volunteer and then, when pregnant with her third child, she was in the Mellow Bumps course.

Following the birth of Allie she joined the MB group and Eatwell cooking programmes and it was while in these Emma made good friends and expanded her social networks.

Sadly two and a half years ago Emma's dad, who she was very close to, died and she felt that the very valuable support she received from Home-Start and from Claire, her best friend who she met at the Cowdenbeath organisation, got her through a very difficult time.

Said Emma: "I would like to praise Home-Start for teaching me to cook from scratch and helping me maximise my family income.

"I remember baking for the AGMs and cooking a two course meal for local councillors who came in to visit Home-Start, and I definitely grew in confidence as a parent and as an individual with the help of Home-Start and I was pleased to be able to help raise funds for the service and to help raise their profile."

Now Emma is at college, she is coping with being a mum and a full-time student. Together with her husband they have very positive thoughts about their children's future.

Her oldest son James helped Emma in the preparation for a unit which included a powerpoint presentation and following that James was able to do his own Powerpoint presentation for his own school project.

Susan was so pleased that Emma organised the fundraiser for Home-Start and the other two charities and delighted that she feels the assistance she has received has made a difference to her life.

Looking at her own 25 years with the organisation in this area Susan said: "I joined Home-Start in 1994 having previously been a Home-Visiting volunteer, in Dunfermline, for two and a half years.

"I then went to join Home-Start Central Fife, then Home-Start Lochgelly and now Home-start Cowdenbeath.

"The homes we have had have included Main Street, Lochgelly, Berry Street, in the town, Chisholm Crescent, Cook Square, Grainger Street, BRAG in Crosshill and now for the duration and hopefully, our final destination, at 170 High Street, Cowdenbeath.

"During that time families supported have totalled 1,172 with 164 volunteers supporting the scheme.

"Currently we have 21 volunteers and we are supporting 41 families.

"I cannot thank Emma enough for her fundraising venture and if anyone would like to find out more about how you can support local families like Emma's call 01383 510010 or email admin@home-cowdenbeath.org.uk"