COWDENBEATH man Robert Chalmers has high hopes that his dream of a mining heritage feature at Lochore Meadows Country Park can make significant progress next week.

He has a meeting at the National Mining Museum which he hopes will bear fruit.

After a visit, in May, to the National Mining Museum Scotland, at Newtongrange, with Ian Lang, the Lochore Meadows Country Park manager where they discussed with Collections officer, David Bell, the possibility of having major mining equipment transported and displayed in the Park, Mr Chalmers was asked to make a list of items he felt would be of interest to visitors.

He said: "We feel that the best site for heritage items would be in the vicinity of the Mary Colliery head gear.

"This visit also allowed Mr Lang, who is from a non mining background, to see the equipment of interest. Mr Bell advised we should list the equipment we would like displayed and this list would be presented at the next meeting of the Collections Trust in June.

"I therefore prepared a list made up of the following, a Colliery Double Decked Cage; a Man Riding Bogie; a Coal Cutter or Shearer; one Large Six Legged Hydraulic Coalface Roof Support; one Smaller Four Legged Hydraulic Coalface Roof Support; two Armoured Face Conveyor Pans (with chains); a Material Mine Car; and a set of Three Girders with Struts. These will be used to surround the Mine Car to create a concept of an underground roadway".

Mr Chalmers added: "I have been contacted by Ms Nicola Moss, Curator of the National Mining Museum, who on behalf of the Collections Trust has requested further information regarding the project.

"I will be meeting with the curator on Wednesday 10th to discuss the proposed project further.

"Some people in the Benarty area are wanting a purpose built Mining Heritage Centre in the Park, which I believe at the moment is unattainable.

"However, working with the National Mining Museum of Scotland to develop the potential of having major mining machinery displayed, creating a Mining Heritage Park under the Mary Head Gear, would I believe strengthen the argument for such a building in the future".