A LUMPHINNANS woman who caused a disturbance on a bus has been placed on a tag.

Megan Pow, of Robert Smith Court, appeared for sentencing at Dunfermline Sheriff Court on Wednesday.

She had previously admitted that on March 22, at Hill Road, Ballingry, she behaved in a threatening or abusive manner when she repeatedly shouted, swore and acted in an aggressive manner and struggled with a bus driver.

On May 8, at her home, she also assaulted a police officer in the execution of his duty when she threw a bucket containing glass bottles at him and later kicked him on the body.

The Court saw a seven minute CCTV clip of the offence when Pow was seen to be acting in an aggressive manner and attempting to reach in at the bus driver who remained in his cabin throughout the incident.

Solicitor, James Moncrieff, said both incidents involved the "over consumption" of alcohol.

"Miss Pow has behaved pretty badly on both occasions," he said. "It is very poor behaviour on her part and she know that. It was embarrassing for her that that was played in court and it doesn't paint her in a very positive light.

"She has very little recollection of the incident on the bus. She was unhappy that she had passed her stop without noticing."

For the bus incident, Sheriff Charles Macnair placed Pow on a community payback order with supervision for two years and a restriction of liberty order for 135 days.

For the police assault, he placed her on another restriction of liberty order, this time for four months, which will run consecutively to the other sentence.

"I have seen this video of your behaviour on March 22 and it was truly appalling and it was directed at someone who was doing their job for the public good," he told her.

"He cannot go away and leave you to get on with it. He had to stay where he was. He had to put up with your behaviour and you can see he behaved extremely calmly against considerable provocation.

"In relation to the police officer, they were trying to do their job and police officers are entitled to do their job without being assaulted. You assaulted the constable not once by throwing a bucket at him but twice because you then kicked him.

"You are extremely close to serving a custodial sentence. If you want to see the inside of a prison, then you are going the right way about it. If you do not, you are going to have to sort yourself out.You are going to have to control, if not stop, your consumption of alcohol and illegal drugs."