THE Cardenden YES Hub had an outstanding opening event when the village came alive with the sound of celebration as the long awaited and hard worked for Hub became a reality.

The Hub, at 152 Main Street, was opened by Indy songstress Amanda Brown, who filled the shop and outside with the sounds of her Indy inspired songs.

They were also honoured with some words from the local MSP Annabelle Ewing who reinforced her message of 'Scotland moving forward to the ultimate goal of independence'.

The Cardenden YES group began from a conversation two guys had while sitting on a train on the Fife Circle going to work one morning back in 2013. Each of these guys found they shared the same passion, vision and goal for Scotland which was simply Independence.

From that a very loose plan was set, which was that, with the forthcoming Indy Referendum and with local support, they could muster a small but powerful group in the village.

That very quickly led to it become one of the most hard working, and successful groups in Fife to come from the 2014 movement.

Local Councillor Rosemary Liewald recalled: "The Cardenden group worked every weekend, with street stalls, leafleting, community events, and the larger events with important names and great presence. "Tommy Sheridan came into the village and hall was packed and we finished of with Nicola Sturgeon coming to the Lochgelly Centre. The result of the 2014 referendum clearly took the wind out of a lot of folk, however, we coped with that and it’s now time to move forward."

Ms Liewald added: "However, since then the group have supported various campaigns and have worked quietly in the background waiting for the time when we must harness for what will be the final goal to reach.

"With the amazing result of the European election, and the ever increased appalling manner which our MPs have to face on a daily basis, the feeling from all is that we must now take the steps to get ourselves out of the clutches of Westminster.

"The hub will be run completely by volunteers. We feel we can contribute much to Cardenden, and the wider communities of the Cowdenbeath area, by being a gathering point, a shop, a place where debate and education can happen. A place where progressive ideas and opinions can be expressed and action can be started.

"Yes, we want your spare change, if you have it. Times aren't easy as most of us know. But we are asking a lot of us to give a little of what we can, in the hope that we can keep this Hub going as a centre for change towards a wealthier, healthier and fairer Scotland. Volunteers are always welcome, as that means we can have the Hub open longer, generating income, and evening events, and we promise to make it a success, above and well beyond the next Independence Referendum.

"Huge thanks must go to everyone in and around the village and in particular to the help and assistance from the YES Kirkcaldy members for their continued support during the setting up process".