A MEMBER of the Benarty community, who is concerned that funding for school holiday events for kids is not being shared evenly across the Cowdenbeath-Lochgelly area, has been assured that this is not the case.

Tom Kinnaird tabled a question to Wednesday's meeting of Cowdenbeath Area Committee which alleged 'a gross imbalance of resource distribution' to Community Development programmes within the Cowdenbeath area in the summer of 2018 and the spring of 2019.

Mr Kinnaird said that he had obtained information under a Freedom of Information request to Fife Council which indicated an uneven spread of resources.

He added: "I asked the question why there was no mention whatsoever of Lumphinnans, Hill of Beath, Kingseat. or Crossgates. I was provided with the following answer: 'Community Development programmes are offered from community centres where CLD activity predominantly takes place according to staffing and resources we have available. Young people from these other communities access youth work services from the locations listed in the original spreadsheet'.

"I find this answer to be unacceptable due to the fact that these programmes are not advertised or promoted outside the communities they take place in.

"I suspect a deeper investigation of where attendees come from would reveal that attendees from 'other communities' is extremely low if not zero.

"My question is what action will members of Cowdenbeath Area Committee take in order to ensure fair and even distribution of funding and resources to all communities in the Cowdenbeath area."

Community Services Manager, Kevin Sayer, told councillors: "We welcome public questions and the scrutiny these bring.

"On the subject of the funding of Community Programmes, we have five teams who cover the communities in the area under the committee's umbrella and they do involve Lumphinnans, Hill of Beath and Crossgates, where they work with the young people.

"Their work ensures that the youngsters are given the opportunity to enjoy the various activities provided by the CLD during the holiday breaks."