THE full list of prize winner were, Grade 1, first Scottish Power, drumming first, ensemble first; second Glasgow Police, drumming second, ensemble second.

Grade 2 first The Highlanders (4 Scots), piping 2/1, drumming second, ensemble first; second MacKenzie Caledonian piping 1/2, drumming 1, ensemble second; third Arbroath piping 3/3, drumming third, ensemble third; fourth Mesa Caledonian - U.S.A piping 4/4, drumming fourth, ensemble fourth.

Grade 3 first MacKenzie Caledonian piping 1/1, drumming second, ensemble second; second The Highlanders (4 Scots) piping 3/4, drumming third, ensemble first; third Glenrothes and District 2010 piping 5/5, drumming first, ensemble fourth; fourth Arbroath piping 2/2, drumming fifth, ensemble sixth; fifth Perth and District, piping 6/6, drumming fourth, ensemble third; sixth Methil and District piping 4/3, drumming eighth, ensemble fifth; seventh Mesa Caledonian - U.S.A piping 8/7, drumming seventh, ensemble seventh; eighth Haileybury - Australia piping 7/8, drumming 6, ensemble 8.

Grade 4A first Glenrothes and District 2010, piping 3/2, drumming first, ensemble first; second Methil and District piping 1/1, drumming third, ensemble second; third Haileybury - Australia, piping 2/3, drumming second, ensemble third; fourth Kelty and Blairadam, piping 4/4, drumming fourth, ensemble fourth.

Grade 4 Novice B first Lochgelly High School, piping 1/1, drumming first, ensemble first; second Burntisland and District, piping 3/3, drumming second, ensemble second; third West Lothian School, piping 2/2, drumming third, ensemble third.