A BALLINGRY mum who said cancer had “torn apart” her family is fighting back by walking more than 26 miles in the dark.

Kat Paterson, 34, has just completed her fourth charity MoonWalk through the streets of the capital and is determined to do everything she can to battle the disease.

She explained: “Over the years cancer has affected my family and torn it apart more times than I care to remember. My son has had to see too many people close to us suffer with this horrid illness.

“I have many friends who also have sadly had their world turned upside down also.”

Kat continued: “Cancer has affected our family in many different ways. My mum’s partner’s sister and then my mum’s partner (who was like a second mum to me) passed away. My partner James’ mum also died from cancer 20 years ago.”

The MoonWalk, organised by breast cancer charity Walk the Walk, has been going for 23 years and has raised £21.5 million in Scotland alone.

Participants dress up in weird and wonderful costumes with the famous decorated bras one of the main features of the event.

It took place overnight in Edinburgh, starting on June 8, and this year there were four challenges: New Moon (6.55 miles) and Half Moon (13.1 miles) were suitable for children aged 10 and over, while men and women took part in the Full Moon (26.2 miles) and Over The Moon (52.4 miles).

Back in 2016, some friends persuaded Kat to take part and she’s now completed the last four, stating: “The feeling of achievement had me hooked.”

Reasoning that “it’s important to me to give something back”, she’s roped friends and family in too with a team of seven, with the name ‘Another Bad Idea’, taking up the challenge this year.

Kat said: “My son, Paul, who is only 13, was walking for the third time.

“He has now done the New Moon and two Half Moons (13.1 miles) and I’m so proud of Paul because he has ADHD and autism and can find certain aspects – like walking overnight – quite a challenge to his normal routine.

“Paul tends to go out training with my sister, Steph, as they both do the Half Moon together and therefore they can match their pace.

“I walked the Full Moon with my partner, James. We tend to do our training together as our pace is faster because I really like to challenge myself to beat last years’ time.”

She continued: “I love the MoonWalk – the atmosphere on the night is great and it’s amazing to see so many costumes and decorated bras.

“At the end of every MoonWalk Paul says to me ‘Mum, I’m never doing that again’ and then the very next day he says, ‘So … what’s the theme going to be next year?’

To register for The MoonWalk Scotland 2020, go to www.walkthewalk.org